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UniMed Publishing

UniMed Publishing is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was originally set-up to publish and distribute the series of Books that are planned by Serge under the impress he serves and in response to what is needed. There are fourteen (14) books already published (available) with several other books held in abeyance accordingly awaiting their right time for release. There are many more planned in this series of Treatises on Energetic Truth. 

About the books:

"The books themselves are written under the impress as is the natural language of the inner-heart, that is, expressed as does the Soul express. This means that the expression and way of writing is the way the inner-heart expresses via the higher-mind. And hence, no adherence has been paid to structure or lineal academic rule … meaning that – there has been no cowering or conforming to any type of syntax, must-do uniformity and likewise impulsed punctuation and or any other type of ‘usual’ must-do or rule in order to adhere, impress or show-off. Instead, the style of writing offers the reader an opportunity to break certain constructs that have been inserted and cemented via the type of education this world is still under. A type of education that glorifies itself in much of its seeming advances, but lacks real answers to the many dilemmas and or deeply rooted ill issues that sabotage, retard and thus hold humanity in a stupour against the very obvious few who choose to see let alone admit on the very unnatural ways we live our daily lives across all societies. 

The energetic impress which the books are written under allows for much healing and re-awakening to take place. The more the books are read, the greater the knowledge and wisdom are revealed as one re-connects under their energetic impress. In fact, many have reported how much of what is offered to them, they missed the first time round. This is quite normal when the esoteric is written under its true Energetic Law. Eventually, as is the case under natural design, the reader becomes a student of his or her own inner-heart as the book becomes personal and very pertinent. And thus, the Path of Initiation is re-awakened. This is part of the Plan … to help us return sooner rather than later and thus expedite the evolutionary fact that we will all eventually return to the Divine we are all equally from.” ~ Serge Benhayon

Although the books are numbered by their order in the series, it is a series that is not designed to be read or followed via its numerical sequence. Each book is a stand-alone presentation of the very needed Energetic Laws and Sciences. And thus, each book completes the intended teaching whilst presenting a very clear healing message and practical way of life in accordance with the Energetic Truths and Ancient Sciences that found them. And as such, each book will deliver much to the interested reader, the student-to-be and for the developing to advanced student.

Below are the to-date released books. To assist, a brief introductory abridgment has been written by our editor Gabriele Conrad.

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