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By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

Meditation is a great aid in activating healing. When practised correctly, it helps in many areas of our lives. We use, practise and teach the energetically known safe method and true-use intentional practice of meditation.

The above statement can be viewed as being ethical and or professional, but it is much more than that. The truth is, meditation per se is not ‘all good’ in the sense that it is a granted safe practice. We all ought to at least consider the possibility that not all is as it seems. When meditation is practised unknowingly of its true use, and or, performed under some unknown driving consciousness, the act brings deeply harming effects.

At Universal Medicine we take the practice of meditation and its true use very seriously. Not because we are ‘high-horse’ about it, but because we know that there is either great benefit or, great harm. There is no middle ground. Consider also that its seemingly passive posture and technique, is no sensible or otherwise argument for its assumed ‘only good’ status … especially if the energetic factors are not known let alone discussed.

As a unit of service that stands for and on behalf of those who are seeking true healing and likewise an everyday way of life, Universal Medicine is prepared to say it how it truly is if what is ‘out-there’ is assumed to be of good or benefit when in-truth it is not. We teach and or provide energetically known and responsible methods and techniques of meditation along with all of our healing modalities. In fact, since late 1999, we are singularly world leaders in the push to have Energetic Integrity and Responsibility as part of all forms of the so-called ‘healing industry’ … and this includes the practice of meditation.

Background –

Countless thousands have used our meditation techniques. Based on their experiences we can safely and unequivocally say that there is a known Energetic Science behind our methods and techniques. We are that in all that we do and stand for. We would not write about or raise the ire of questioning if it did not produce a true result for all equally. We do not seek to be special or unique, but will stand for the energetic truth in all that we do.

Apart from a minute few, and relative to the masses that are blindly ‘pro-meditation’, there is very little to zero knowledge let alone consideration as to the energetic harming effects of meditation. In fact, you may be surprised to read it here yourself.

Meditation is not just the simple breathing technique that is taught and practised. There is an energetic quality to the type of breath used or breathed that actually, and crucially, determines the true good or harm. At Universal Medicine, we call this the business of meditation and or the real integrity behind its practice. Used correctly, meditation is a great re-connecting tool. Beyond that, it harms. And thus, it needs to be performed under the right intent, rhythm and or quality of breath.

Meditation – audio/practice available free of charge:

We have made meditation a very easy and accessible technique for all to benefit from. Know that our meditation is not a copied or borrowed technique but rather a method, technique and style that come with an energetic based knowing and understanding.

Our website visitors can download any one or all of our available meditations. You can download the right one that best suits/feels right for you and or all as you feel to.

History – as mentioned, there are already many who have experienced and greatly benefited from the teachings and meditation techniques either directly from Serge and or, via spreading the techniques through our worldwide collective of approved practitioners. As a result, many have shared the benefits they have received with their partners, family, friends and colleagues who in-turn sought our techniques. From there, it did not take long before many thousands were benefiting from the easy-to-apply techniques. Eventually, the demand became so large that Universal Medicine decided to record and thus provide meditation as a free-download from its website. (Recordings are taken from some of the many lectures and presentations). The techniques can be learnt from any of our approved practitioners or from our free audio library.

If you are seeking an easy to apply, no-nonsense style of meditation, there are a number to choose from our ‘shop’ as a free-download. There you may find one that suits and or a number that will suit your developing needs.

The meditations offered are in-line with our knowledge on the Science and thus they will provide what is in-truth needed whilst not energetically imposing or interfering in any way.

The following is provided for those who seek further understanding on the subject of Meditation.

By Serge Benhayon –

The real facts:

If one is seeking truth in practice, on any given technique or art etc, it helps to know about its true history. But then again, the quest to find true truth in itself, is often marred by historical deviations that are overlooked, if not ignored and thus they progress undetected. The overlooked or the ignored, later poses as part of a heralded heritage and or age-old lineage under the auspices of historical claims or its longevity under some fancy and or foreign name.

Today, like the spread of yoga, meditation has reached many. It is practised in many private homes and teaching schools outside the usual realms that beheld such practices. The fact that it is widely known is a great step indeed. But the countering fact to that is that its dangers and or real sciences are not truly known, if not, fall very short on being thoroughly known. As a basic premise, meditation is not a direct healing tool or practice per se and never should it be used to escape as so many do. In the case of the latter, whether admitted or not by those who do use it to escape, it is deeply harming to use it in that way or under that intent. The point being made here is not to antagonise, but to alert. Few if any will trace certain ill developments and or behaviours back to their meditative practice. This is worth considering.

The business of meditation:

Universal Medicine approaches the subject of meditation with a certain known energetic based knowledge. When, or if, one considers or is prepared to consider the unavoidable energetic implications, the subject of meditation itself takes on a magnitude that is far more detailed and vast than all of the forms and styles that span the planet put together. And hence, we approach the subject and practice with the energetic knowledge that is needed along with the energetic integrity and responsibility that are required to make the practice truly serving and non-harming. There are few if any who truly understand the energetic implications let alone want to know, or so it seems, judging from the lack of discussion on this inescapable aspect of its science.

Meditation is a vast subject to cover, explain or convey when one considers the wide variety, variations and themes not to mention the tradition and or heritage of the belief and or ideal that comes with each and every form and style. It would seem, from the multiple forms of meditation that abound all over the globe, both religious and or cultural, that they are all beneficial and thus non-harming. If the energetic factors were known, if not at least considered, this would not be the general posture that is so acceptingly taken. Note: there is here neither judgment nor critique but a known energetic truth that has somehow been overlooked if not ignored by the many who claim to know and teach the practice. We are merely here presenting the age-old facts.

A little history and, the Energetic facts:

In ancient times, words derived their meaning from a known action or from a collective of a held group of understood meanings that were known and unified and not diverse or open to interpretation. And hence, a word or words used did not describe and or mean-to-mean how we have come to use the meaning of words today … as by a dictionary etc. This is an important fact/factor that applies to just about everything and not just the word ‘meditation’ or it as a subject of discussion or practice. In time, more scholars will come to understand and thus seek further if not greater merit in what is here presented, for in-truth, this level of truth if not integrity in the real meaning of words and things is greatly lacking in much of our education everywhere.

Thus, the true meaning of the word ‘meditation’ is best described by the true action that constitutes the act itself --

To ‘meditate’ is to do something that re-connects one back to/into
their inner-presence.

Or, more personally relevant –

To ‘meditate’ is to do something that re-connects YOU back into
YOUR eternally full fiery-inner-presence.

The above is very simple. It does not require interpretation or discussion. This means that the act to meditate comes or, came, well after the known knowledge of what one’s true inner essence is or, ought to be. There is therefore no discussion or interpretation needed, for there was a knowing before the act was made to serve the knowing, that is, to serve the intent. However, if the energetic knowledge of one’s true energetic essence is not known, then the subject is open to almost infinite conjecture. And that is exactly what has transpired on the subject of meditation along with much of what is hailed as being true from the past.

This is an important fact to consider, for sitting down in some ‘lotus’ or other position etc, as is the common thought, model or depiction one has about meditation or to do with meditation, is not the only form. Often, that very form, or assumed only form, is not based on an act that is the true act of meditation. Far too many use that sitting position or the notion of meditating to check-out, that is, to escape rather than to re-connect to the inner-presence, which is always very alive and full – and not ever empty.

And hence, one can be in meditation or meditating whilst mowing the lawn, gardening, walking, working, writing, cooking, making love and or talking to name but a few actions that one can use to re-connect if that is the intended and truly acted upon commitment. Even whilst sleeping one can be in meditation if, and only if, one re-connects in full as they doze off into their deep slumber.

There is an alarming number of people who are well intended in their efforts to seek and practise meditation who are unknowing of the energetic ill consequences that are the reality of such practices. It is a very ‘touchy’ subject as too many are devotees of their meditation way or technique. And very few, if any, know or understand the actual energies involved.

And hence, it is not an easy stance to take when presenting on the subject of meditation, especially when there is the broad if not common understanding that it is all good for you -- no matter what type or style.

Meditation is an act that is very important for us all to do on a daily basis but, it is also a very deeply harming energetic act if one is not aware of the many pitfalls that abound due to the many misconceptions and or plain old mistruths if not warped interpretations and or re-interpretations about the subject and its act. Like the practice of yoga, the subject of meditation has been so widely endorsed, as a ‘good-for-you’ thing to do, that informed and knowledgeable let alone energetic discussion on the matter is for so many off-limits.

The above presentation is intended for the purpose of elucidating on an otherwise subject and practice that has been assumed ‘all-safe and sound’ under some general adoption with little true understanding. We seek only to present what might be found to be the truth so as to arise further ponderings that will eventually bring sensible discussion that leads to a one-unified truth that then can serve all equally with no hidden agendas or harms – seen or unseen. ~ Serge Benhayon
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