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Connective Tissue Therapy

What is Connective Tissue Therapy?

Essentially, it is a deeply stilling form of manual therapy that allows the body to re-instate its deepest form of energetic status. This is achieved by allowing the pulse of the Lymphatic System to symbiotically correspond with the body’s own ensheathing web – the connective tissue. When the two combine, under a specific pulse activated by the practitioner, the body begins to respond and thus there is a certain flow in its deepest and most natural innate state. The latter is also known as the esoteric pulse by those who understand the body as being energy first before it is function. Hence, the therapy is denoted by its esoteric impulsed nature.

Note: the word ‘esoteric’ is used throughout this website and in all our work by its ancient meaning and not by its erroneously adopted more common assumed meaning. The word means inner-most in its most basic understanding. From there, that is, if the meaning of inner-most is known, there is a lending that allows its truth and thus its intended meaning to be known. In ancient Greece, the Pythagoreans understood the inner-most as being the pulse or beat of the Soul.


Serge Benhayon first developed this form of healing in early to mid 1999. It was an impress that naturally flowed from his vast knowledge of Esoteric Healing. From there it was a natural extension of his way and approach to the Healing Arts and Sciences that led to the forming of this new and as many will attest to, deeply effective form of therapy. 

‘The body is energy well before it is function’
~ Serge Benhayon


The technique can be applied to suit the relevant way it can help the body restore its own true energetic flow. From there, it has for many helped to restore better if not ultimately a truer form of function. As a result, there are many developing benefits.

Our resident physiotherapist Kate Greenaway first learnt the technique in 2002 from our founder. She has continued to practise it ever since with much success. Eventually, this led to a research program based on pain management using Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. The results showed a significant and sustainable reduction in pain levels ---- fifty (50) subjects had weekly connective tissue therapy sessions for 6 weeks and were tested with the visual analogue pain scale, the general well-being questionnaire and the Quebec pain functional scale.

Where to get it/Who to see

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is an extraordinarily easy to apply technique that activates the body to deeply self-heal. Many ailments are naturally addressed as the body seeks then finds its own innate essence. The key in its application is not the technique itself, for that is easy to do. And hence, it is within the developed energetic quality of the practitioner applying the technique that determines the true effect of its results.

For further information or if you are interested in seeking a treatment, contact the following practitioner and or see the full website: 

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