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Esoteric Breast Massage

What is the Esoteric Breast Massage and why do we need it?

The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is a specialised women’s health modality practised by women only. It is a light circular massage technique using specially formulated cream and oil, applied to the surrounding heart and lymphatic areas of the breast tissue.

The EBM is first and foremost an energetic massage. This is based on the understanding that parallel with the physical body is an energetic body and an energetic state of being –­ how we are feeling essentially. The interplay between the body and the energetic being becomes an inseparable relationship worth bringing to our awareness, and worth developing when we aspire to feel well at a deeper level beyond just physical health.

The understanding of the energetic body underlying the physical is an ancient science that comes to us through the philosophy of the Ageless Wisdom, and was known to many in the field of medicine, healing and health, dating as far back as Imhotep and since in various epochs and periods throughout history. Indeed today energy healing is still known widely, and variously practiced within indigenous cultures, eastern traditions and increasingly being introduced to western society, so it is essentially nothing new, however it is not yet a common daily practice, as it once was, in today’s fast-paced and scientifically orientated culture.

The EBM brings focus to the energetic aspect of a woman’s body allowing her to connect with a deeper, inner part of herself which is at once very familiar but usually buried and overshadowed by all her daily activities, emotions and thoughts about herself and her life. It is an assistive treatment that may help a woman re-establish a connection with her essential being, the love, stillness, nurturing and power she is at her core. We call this stillness or femaleness, a quality that has been largely lost sight of in the world today where women are in constant drive with little connection to their inner aspect.

The Esoteric Breast Massage is administered by an international group of female practitioners, Foundational Breast Care, for further information or if you are interested in seeking a treatment, please see the full website:

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