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About Serge Benhayon

In early to mid 1999, Serge Benhayon found himself under the impress of a series of unfoldments that led to a re-connection, or, ‘union of old’. As a result, he initiated these impresses via the expression of Esoteric Healing using the forum of his sessions to present the teachings that not long after became his vast collection and volume of service to many thousands.

Up and until the re-connection occurred, dedication, care and discipline had already been the hallmark of his then and now former professional career. Once the ‘re-connection’ or ‘re-union’ recommenced, Serge was able to impress his way with a deeper if not more whole and complete Soul-full impulse, thus inaugurating Universal Medicine as his main unit of service.

Since then (late 1999), and under the Livingness of his fiery impulse, Serge has constantly and consistently been living the fullness of the esoteric life in dedicated service to and for all – equally. This has resulted in the many projects and instigations, too many to here mention. That said, one such area of service worth mentioning is the now available information about the causes of illness and disease having their roots in a certain type of energy, and more specifically, that illness and disease arise from our human emotions, which in-turn come from our undealt-with issues and the choices we make as a result. As he initiated and has been saying since 1999 –


“We need to arrest the offending energy that is causing the behaviour that then brings the imbalance, the self-abuse and eventually the ill condition that affects and or takes over the body and or mind. We ought not to ignore the principal energetic factor in a world where it can irrefutably be said that ‘everything is energy’. And thus, if there is a wrong, an ill or a woe of any kind, look no further than its energetic cause, that is, it is there or happening because a certain energy has made it happen or is causing it to happen.”

It is clear that Serge’s teachings are collectively unique and yet, profoundly practical and rather easy to grasp whilst delivering astonishing and vast knowledge, revelations and insights that have been proven to be very accurate, an accuracy that evolves to be true even in the face of some quarters of science claiming the opposite or making out that such teachings are obscure if not untenable. 

The basis of such teachings does not just come from one who is philosophical by way of being or that he lives in full a Soul-full esoteric life, but that of experience born and lived in and by very busy and long clinic hours. “Getting in there and, getting his hands dirty”, so to speak, gives Serge a very real and up-to-the-minute view and wide reaching perspective of what is happening in our society everywhere. This wider scope includes his extensive clinic hours with clients from all over Australia and from his in-depth experience of teaching and treating on the European continent. And hence, he is not a teacher who is without real and tangible experience.

From raising four children into adulthood and all that that brings, to providing counsel and healing by way of service covering the vastness of our current societal and relationship ills, sickness, multi-symptomatic conditions and the growing illness and disease statistics that now abound our planet without regard to status or geography, Serge faces the daily realities of human life without any barrier or isolation to what is really taking place. He is not and never has been one who hides and or holds himself in abstruse reality or in the confines of a fortress that is buffeted by his many patients and or students. Instead of the usual trappings that befall those of similar success and popularity, his teachings and the methods of treatment are as profound as they need to be in a never-ending pouring out of living quality and integrity in order for those who are in any form of affliction to have reflected that which is of true reflection, hope and of the love and truth-fullness that is required to bring about a true change and offer a real and accessible solution to the myriad of difficulties that surround human life today.

The unique and outstanding quality and profoundness of his entire collection, if not extensive catalogue of wide-ranging work, is testimony to his way of life, a way of life that is known as ‘The Way of the Livingness’®. The ‘Livingness’ as he calls it, is paramount to bringing about a true and sustainable change to the abysmal daily affairs that haunt each and every household against what is otherwise available should one choose instead to live the life as impulsed by one’s Soul. 

From Serge –

“The essence of the work that flows through me is in line with that which can be called sacred and esoteric by nature. It is non-traditional, following no allegiance to any cult, form or belief other than that which is found intuitively at the heart centre in accordance with our innate Soul-full fiery impulse. No claims are made other than the stance that the work like all other before us should always be ascertained by the individual to be the work of truth or not."

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