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The Way of Initiation The Development of Energetic Awareness by Serge Benhayon – Review

How does one summarise in just a few hundred words, 700+ pages of pure gold and absolute wordsmith genius – perhaps not so much in syntax for some, which can be, as in the words of its Editor, “by the virtue of grammar and syntax so wrong…. and yet feel so right at the same time” – but in its respectful revelation and humble rendition. It’s like quickly sketching Mona Lisa to show someone who had never seen it what the painting represents – a Herculean task.

Yet, aided by simplicity it could be summed up that if you seek to know Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, then investing time and wholeheartedness into The Way of Initiation – The Development of Energetic Awareness, authored by Serge Benhayon, the book that shines light into every nook and cranny of human evolution and bestows the key way to our initiation, is an investment with dividends so high, it makes the Footsie 100 (FTSE 100) look like Donald Duck.

We need truth Simply because your body is telling you so
We need truth Simply because we come from truth
And we need a one-unified-truth Because that is the only way ~ Serge Benhayon

But what does Initiation even mean beyond the Oxford dictionary’s most prominent definition: “the action of admitting someone into a secret or obscure society or group, typically with a ritual”? For there is not even a sliver of obscurity and definitely not a single secret in this magnificent volume, but a plethora of loving rituals. On the contrary, its cellophane-like transparency makes it a love or not love relationship with its context. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future the same dictionary will adopt this authentic reading of initiation, confirmed by the author’s lived experience:

“The Way of Initiation is in-truth a way back to a forgotten, or left behind true way of being. It is in-truth not new, perhaps so to the mind that reads this, but not so to the inner-heart that knows it all – already.”

Ever had that feeling that you have been touched deeply by something…. something so very precious and so dear to you… something ever so familiar yet something you had let go of long, long ago? This book has the power and the potential, should the reader allow, like a guide dog assisting the blind master, to support us in coming back to that knowing of who we truly are, and to assist us to arise to where we came from which is not our current abode. In essence, we have settled for a reduced version of ourselves at the detriment of the greater part; we have traded a stallion for a donkey.

And yet, we consider ourselves the most intelligent species by the virtue of the fact that we have created machines that have catapulted us into Space, leaving behind the Earth where havoc prevails – we kill, we hate, we ingest drugs, intoxicate on alcohol, inhale cigarette smoke, we compare, we get jealous, we eat sugar, drink coffee, we overeat and overdrink and in general we drown in dramas and emotions under the guise of ‘LOVE’ (as if!). We crave to be met, yet we do not meet ourselves first and we can’t even get on with our next door neighbour!

Now, what are the odds we’d be pals with extra-terrestrials even if we were to meet them on Mars??

“Is it not utterly absurd to want to know more about our solar system
before we get it right here?” – Serge Benhayon

We look up at the stars and the solar system in pure distraction – like we play tricks on a child/person eating their food to look up whilst we snap a piece from their plate that we salivate at!

Serge Benhayon lays it down for us in this wisdom rich 736 page menu ever so gently, super lovingly yet with an unyielding mastery of the fact that this World and Human life as we know it is filled with offcuts of truth. We have created fighting for peace instead of seeking harmony, engaging in emotions laced as ‘love’ at the expense of true love, we champion mainstream religion instead of True religion – evidently, we can’t see the wood for the trees.

All that because in truth, our greatest ache is and always has been the pain of being separated from oneself, from our innermost heart. It is that pain that we seek remedy for, sadly, in all the wrong places.

And then we wave our index fingers at GOD – righteously, we want him to be the One to fix it all. But he ain’t fixing anything any time soon, and why should he? For he has not been a part in the making of the mess! We, on the other hand, have.

Throughout the book Serge Benhayon, an alchemist extraordinaire, cuts with diamond precision our umbilical cord with the illusion we draw a veil over, and in return makes offerings without assertions to all the WHY’s you might have ever asked aloud or in silence.

And so, if you’d rather not be slapped by the truth of how wayward our living ways have been and currently are, but instead choose to sit in the driver’s seat once again and take the reins of responsibility, then these pages offer just that and will melt you. They help us re-route ourselves to a truer and eventually True way of being.

We have been told (amongst other things) that:

  • You are what you eat

  • You are how you eat

  • You are what you love

  • You are what you say

  • You are what you do

But until we’ve heard/read it from Serge Benhayon’s teachings on Energetic Quality, Energetic Awareness, Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility, all beautifully expressed and carefully dotted in this book number Three, have we ever considered that:

You are what you are aligned to
- Serge Benhayon

This book and the author make no space for moving any goal posts. There are some seriously squirming, tail curling moments when one comes to realise that all our choices boil down to what we align to and those choices can either be True or False, and that the latter gets most ticks.

Our alignment/allegiance/choice is super simple; there are only 2 sources of energy we can allow through our bodies: FIRE or PRANA and nothing, repeat, nothing in between. Although we can oscillate between the two, only one can be chosen at any given moment – no space for party cocktails here folks!

But how does a body as dense as sardines in a tin understand and accept that it is a “unit of light”? That it receives energy all the time and that it gives out energy that affects the all, all of the time? Our Soul aligns and responds to all other sentient life, and also to the stars and planets which too emanate light. Soul makes it all about the whole, nothing less.

At some point in the book Serge Benhayon writes (mind-lovers look away now): “All intelligence comes from energy”. In other words, the energy we align to. A pre-warning was issued, wasn’t it! The mind is a trickster, an organ that does not support us to feel, and for most of the time our greatest impediment. Unless of course it aligns to the organ that does the true thinking – our Heart – which scientists are increasingly talking about. No mind can feel energy, which is why it would deny its existence. Yet, we accept that for instance feelings of jealousy, comparison, bitterness, grief, arrogance, ignorance…. are real, which they are, even though we cannot put them in a conical flask or package them, but we can see the end results of their manifestations.

It probably requires true love for the self and true, true love for Humanity to stay with this book from start to finish but boy oh boy it’s so worth hanging on in there. Should one remain, a grand golden gate with no less than FIVE KEYS opens itself up to us and the way of initiation – from (1) Energetic Quality via (2) Intention, (3) Energetic Integrity and (4) Energetic Awareness to key number five – The Law of Expression.

For all ye scholarly ladies and gentlemen, if the grammar in the book feels like nails on a blackboard at times, might you consider paying heed to the science of energetic grammar as delivered in the 5th key to The Way of Initiation. To his editor Serge simply explains:

“All I do is feel what the reader needs. I do not choose it for myself not follow the rules in any strict or uniform manner. It is about the reader and not me – so allow yourself to feel why and when I use hyphen or not. It is not a rule I use nor a pattern, but a choice in every moment.”
- Serge Benhayon, A True Servant stripped bare of Self.

We belong to the Universe with all its Universal Laws and as such they apply to us all of the time whether we comply with them or not. If we choose to connect or not the fact is we are all sons of God, not sons of men and not even the most severe case of amnesia can erase this immutable fact. And if the author’s prediction is correct (which thus far they all have been), “The day will come when man will take conscious thought over his or her next expression knowing that it is going to leave an imprint behind that will impulse all life thereafter.”

We chase reputation, success, fame, recognition… like a dog hare coursing – anything for identification. We are under the grand Illusion that we are it. That this is it. That because we might be advancing technologically we are advanced, highly evolved human beings. The same ones who cannot explain how great structures like the pyramids came to be, can’t cure cancers, can’t stop obesity, can’t even reduce the pandemic drug problem, the countless and endless wars…. to name but a few.

Open hearted quantum physicists as well as epigeneticists have got enough material in this volume to keep them busy for quite a few spins around the Sun, and with that an opportunity to confirm the Truth of what Serge Benhayon is presenting in the book so that the world wide recognition and acceptance of the great Divine truths as well as the Energetic truth become the most important science of the future and serve as the foundation for all other science. Because…

“If you do not choose to see truth, truth will make you see it!” ~ Serge Benhayon

Increasing our awareness is a choice perhaps most difficult to commit to and admit, for it exposes the fact (which can hurt deeply) that we have always been aware of all our actions and those of others and inevitably the repercussions of everything we have ever done. And yet: “To be or not to be AWARE is a choice, not an imposition.” ~ SIB

Should all of this feel like Niagara Falls has just relocated to your back garden, begin by taking in this simplest of messages from Serge Benhayon and the source he aligns to:

Be Love It really is that simple And one day it shall be known

Or in the words of another author, AA Milne;

Piglet: how do you spell love? Pooh: you don’t spell it you feel it.

When you close this book after you finish reading the final pages you can know that “Feeling energy is not only imperative, it is our RESPONSIBILITYand The (only) Way of Initiation/evolution.


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