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UniMed Saturday End of Year Celebration Video 2015

On December 12th 2015 Universal Medicine held their annual end of year celebration known as UniMed Saturday, where students, friends, and their families came together to participate, enjoy and experience for themselves the huge line up of profound presentations that were in store for the day. In total, over 80 countries had the event broadcast live to their living rooms to share in the joy and celebrations, making for a very special day.

It truly was an amazing showcasing of the ‘The Livingness’ in action and a clear testimony as to why so many people are exploring for themselves and returning to such a joyful way of living - that is known as ‘The Livingness'

Serge Benhayon delivered his usual all-encompassing teachings, resonating with people all around the world.

Produced by the Universal Medicine Film Team Filmed by: Hemma Kearney, Clayton Lloyd and Iris Pohl Edited by: Hemma Kearney Location footage from the Universal Medicine international student community Music by Michael Benhayon | Glorious Music


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