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Celebrating 20 years of Universal Medicine - Video Series

In April 2019, Universal Medicine turns twenty.

To mark this milestone, we will be releasing a series of video portraits that catalogue just some of the many Universal Medicine inspired miracles that have taken place throughout the years in Australia, the UK and around the globe.

In celebration of Universal Medicine ­– a world leading business model and an international achievement in complementary health and wellbeing, philosophy and education.

Enjoy the first 3 videos in the series:

Popular, athletic and wealthy, Michael was 24 years old when a near-fatal car accident changed his life forever. This is his story.

Sue currently has cancer that has metastasized in her lungs. In this short video she speaks on living a full and vibrant life with cancer, healing the hurts that have plagued her for lifetimes and why she chooses to use Universal Medicine Therapies in conjunction with her conventional medical care.

Kyla is a former client of Serge Benhayon. She is not a Student of Universal Medicine or The Way of The Livingness. In this explosive interview she recounts her experiences of Universal Medicine and makes comment on the current state of affairs in the media and in the wider community regarding the perceptions of Universal Medicine as a socially harmful cult.

Medical Disclaimer

The presentation in these videos is based upon the principles of the Ageless Wisdom. They are not a substitute for and do not offer medical advice about the cause or treatment of any medical condition. The stories given in these videos pertain to each individual's life, lifestyle and experience; no claim is made that they may be applicable to anyone else.


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