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Esoteric Women's Health Presents - Truly Deeply Beautiful

Universal Medicine is profoundly honoured to present: Truly Deeply Beautiful. Esoteric Women’s Health in collaboration with Real Media Real Change have produced a film which is so unlike anything currently available. As a form of introduction, it is of value to note and take stock of the type and quality of women’s media that proliferates; the innumerate celebrity magazines to the representation of women on the internet and all visual media. Yes, it has been well documented and exposed that women are often pushed forth as sexual objects, are not truly seen as equal throughout much of the world and most recently, not given equal representation at even the highest levels of Australian government. However, with all this, is there not something still missing? How often on the world stage have we seen women truly, deeply content and in honouring with who they are? There is an insidious world issue regarding women’s representation which is mostly if not entirely ignored and therefore left unexposed and accepted without discernment.

As this film beautifully shows, women naturally bring such grace, class, spunk and can effortlessly connect to a well of inner-knowingness. With this, such women hold no reservation in stating with an unimposing but unapologetic power just how beautiful, precious, grand and lovely they are. Upon reflection, it becomes obvious that this is subliminally yet implicitly discouraged to the extent of taboo throughout the world… and as this inner expression is discouraged, the world misses out. For when women connect and express from themselves, without guardedness, without a measure and simply shine; ‘the world can’t help but feel it’.

There is an endless reservoir of loveliness available to all those who are open to honouring oneself, being gentle and tender within to then let that flood out to all. This video is giving a voice and due celebration to this quality.

As always, Enjoy. For we have relished seeing women speak with such honestly and relatability but always with the grandness of who they are.

So in conclusion, we look forward to further expressions and projects in-line with this quality, for it is most definitely time for another way and we mark this as a point forth for great and much needed change.


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