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A Video Postcard from Vietnam – Universal Medicine Retreat 2015

by Miranda Benhayon

Universal Medicine and its series of annual Retreats has raced off to another hugely successful start this year, with the first of three Retreats launched in the beautiful and vibrant, ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

Participants attending the Vietnam Retreat for the first time or as returning visitors were graciously treated and embraced by the local community, displaying their usual charm, natural warmth, generosity and love for all people. For those attending the Vietnam Retreat, they will attest to the ‘live and let live’ principle that the locals in Hoi An and in general the Vietnamese respectfully hold.

The 2015 five day Retreat presented by Serge Benhayon, delivered much insight, and detailed understandings. Topics covered included ancient philosophy, the Ageless Wisdom and teachings on the energetic sciences. This year’s theme derived from The Way of The Livingness centred on The Process of Evolution, ‘The Living Sciences of Human Life’. Featuring Esoteric Yoga, True Movement and the engaging and supportive presentations by Natalie Benhayon. The program was as usual very full.

Universal Medicine’s Vietnam Retreat offers a truly beautiful package and life changing experience on many levels, which is further extended at either side of the Retreat, from many travelling and exploring the region, exploring the culinary wonders of Hoi An cuisine, to playful encounters with the wealth of clothing tailors in the town. There are also the connections with the locals, now dear friends to many, friendships that have been founded on love, trust and mutual respect. It truly is a special place to visit; a very fitting location for all that is a Universal Medicine Retreat.

Thank you once again to all our friends at the River Beach Resort, Hoi An. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Enjoy the video postcard above to get a snapshot of the Universal Medicine Vietnam experience.

A Postcard from Vietnam 2015. Videography: Iris Pohl and Clayton Lloyd. Editing by Iris Pohl. Music by Glorious Music.

Stills from the video:


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