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A Video Postcard from Lennox Head – Universal Medicine Retreat 2015

Article by Miranda Benhayon

Earlier in 2015 Universal Medicine delivered its second ‘Retreat’ of the three set for the calendar year. The five-day Retreat titled ‘The Livingness’ was held at the popular seaside town of Lennox Head, Australia.

The Retreat experience focussed on the rich and deeply philosophical teachings and presentations delivered by principal presenter Serge Benhayon. Facilitating extensive group work, development and engagement, Serge consistently provided the platform, which allowed for many profound revelations pertaining to many aspects of life, with valuable sharings and discussions opening the way for more. The week was extremely well received by all, and a highlight for many.

Take a moment to reflect back on participants’ experience of what was, ‘The Australian Retreat for 2015 by Universal Medicine’.

Videography: Clayton Lloyd, Jonathan Baldwin and Michael Hanson. Editing by Iris Pohl. Music by Glorious Music.


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