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A Video Postcard from England – Universal Medicine UK Retreat 2015 ​

Article by Miranda Benhayon

Universal Medicine and its international events for 2015 have been nothing short of amazing. Coming off from another successful and full November visit the UK and European students have ended the year in great esteem.

As we near towards the end of 2015 it seems only fitting to revisit the memorable UK Retreat experience and again reconnect with the life changing 5 days that was the UK Retreat – delivered and presented by Serge Benhayon and team from Universal Medicine. Amidst the colder climate and setting participants from all around the world are met with the warmest levels of service and care throughout their entire stay on Retreat. With dedicated grounds, and manicured woodlands ‘The Lighthouse’ offers a true Retreat experience, on many levels from its accommodation, to meals and catering, its natural setting makes for a very supportive venue for the deeply philosophical aspects and teachings covered in the Retreats. The 2015 five day Retreat presented by Serge Benhayon, delivered much insight, and detailed understandings.

Topics covered included ancient philosophy, the Ageless Wisdom and teachings on the energetic sciences. This year’s theme derived from The Way of The Livingness centred on The Process of Evolution, ‘The Living Sciences of Human Life’. Featuring Esoteric Yoga, True Movement and the engaging and supportive presentations by Natalie Benhayon. Extensive and supportive group work and discussion again featured throughout the Retreat experience, uniting and connecting people from all around the world. Of course after such a big 5 days, participants have much to share and celebrate on their final night now termed ‘the celebration evening’, with music, live performances, dancing and as always plenty of fun. The celebration brings an honouring end to the week, and demonstrates just how there can, and is much joy and fun to be had in balance with such philosophy and teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, for a true philosopher knows never to take themselves or life too seriously.

Videography: Iris Pohl and Clayton Lloyd. Editing by Iris Pohl. Music by Glorious Music.


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