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Writing from the Universal Medicine Student Body

The esoteric and its ‘livingness’ form a series of energetic based principles that are presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Such topics have in recent times, become more widely discussed and written about in the public domain and the media. To the casual reader the wording and phrasing of such teachings appear to be unconventional, but upon further reflection, the living quality of the phrasing becomes apparent as an easy 'back to basics' form of vital living and interrelating. In response, and to assist in bridging an understanding, the student body has initiated a number of blogs and projects to help facilitate informed discussion.

‘The Esoteric principle is that we are love, innately and unchangeably.' What this looks like in its practical application is best explored by seeing it at the source, from the people who, to the best of their ability, are looking to live this principle in their day-to-day lives. The students do not seek to convince anyone of the benefits of this approach, but to live and write about what they have come to discover is innate and there to be lived. We trust you will enjoy and appreciate the growing body of work emerging on the following student sites. We look forward to updating this page as more student projects come to light.



Women (and men) write about Women and Love, Relationships, the Media, Sex, Wellbeing, and much more. Some truly groundbreaking articles by women and men on topics pertinent to women in the modern age.


Written here are stories of people who have been inspired to choose a greater amount of regard and care for themselves in their lifestyles and daily choices. The effects of this in their lives is a testament to their own deep commitment to themselves and to others. There are some truly inspirational people writing on these pages. Well worth a read.


On this blog students share their everyday experiences of Serge, UniMed and their own daily lives. Some truly inspiring articles about people who have chosen, as one student put it, 'to be their own guru' and listen to their bodies as a guide to healthy living.


Students write about Serge Benhayon -- currently this site has a focus on addressing errors and misconceptions that have been printed in the media.


Medical professionals write on the marriage between conventional medicine and esoteric medicine. Those who are familiar with the work of Serge Benhayon are aware that his approach to health and wellbeing has always encompassed a conventional approach whilst also engendering the greater responsibility we can have in lifestyle choices that pertain to our health and wellness. Read the views of healthcare professionals and everyday people who have benefitted from marriage of conventional and esoteric medicine.


Everyday Livingness is a beautiful magazine style blog contributed by Students of the Livingness from all around the world sharing their unfoldments and reflections on life and relationships.


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