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Serge Benhayon: a True Author of the People…

Article by Rachel Lynwood BA (Philosophy & Sociology) (UNSW), BA (Hons) (SCU), MEd (UTS)

One of the lived practical skills we learn from a very young age is how to read in terms of comprehending and understanding the written word in its visual form. We have also been taught how to write - meaning, constructing sentences and applying the use of appropriate punctuation to complete paragraphs and sentences and so on. As we grow from the child to an adult and living in the world, we complete various set levels of what is known as ‘education’ – primary, secondary and senior secondary school. Then there are those who progress onto either university studies or other forms of tertiary education.

During these years of indoctrination into the education system in its’ current form – we develop our ability to write in a way that ‘fits in’ with the way the world recognises ‘competent, scholarly or professional’ writing. As adult learners – we are taught how to reference the written work of other authors, and that an essay or thesis cannot be written credibly without the backing of reference material. Given the way the world is – we can say that all this has its place for now and indeed serves a purpose, in the way we live and move in all facets of the temporal world.

What is missing from the world of authorship however, are more people consistently writing from a place of deep connection within themselves. Connection meaning – true connection with the soul that allows one to communicate and express freely and truly from that essence. Serge Benhayon is one such author – he bows not to the rigidity of the conventions imposed by the world of authorship. Serge’s deeply lived relationship with God and all that he is and brings to the world – naturally allows him to write in a way that imposes not on the reader. Serge simply presents pure truth in everything he writes – truth that has been well known throughout the ages, and today as The Ageless Wisdom. There is complete absence of any intellectual constructs, debating or posturing of oneself and ‘knowledge’ in the quality of everything that is presented in books authored by Serge Benhayon. This is extremely rare in this world where much identification and other forms of glamour, competitiveness and comparison are the accepted norm. This is particularly rife and easy to observe in the academic community – where one’s publications are seen as a tool to elevate ‘status’ among your peers.

Every book that has been and will be authored by Serge Benhayon is specifically and solely for the purpose of serving humanity. Meaning all that Serge writes and presents is about offering all that is The Ageless Wisdom to the readership. A wisdom that in truth - every human being carries within – that is yet to be re-awakened in many. The Ageless Wisdom in its essence is truly active when lived first and foremost in all aspects of life - from this lived foundation it can be expressed in its purity and with consistency.

Serge Benhayon is a deeply living embodiment of all that is The Ageless Wisdom. He is therefore, naturally positioned to lead whether through authorship or as a presenter to the world – in bringing the truth of all that is, and all that we are as a humanity. Serge Benhayon – you are indeed a True Author of the People – of the highest lived Godly expression on earth…


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