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Jenny Ellis, Brisbane, Australia

I speak from the perspective of a practitioner of 25 years experience, well regarded and successful in my practice in Brisbane and from a base of having always worked closely with members of the medical profession, for many years working directly alongside them in integrative health practices.

As a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, I had access to an enormous bank of information about what was needed to be healthy and I was a dedicated student and practitioner who practised what I preached. So I lived the sort of lifestyle that was considered super healthy. But I still personally woke each morning with hay fever that lasted a couple of hours (every day from age 9 or 10), got a bad headache every month before a period, suffered eczema in patches on my arms and legs (from age 3), I still had lower back soreness regularly and occasional episodes where I felt down or sad for no good reason. I was better off than the majority of clients I saw though, and I accepted that constantly taking things and getting treatment for these ailments was normal and what’s more relevant, that this had nothing to do with my ability to help another.

After ten years of practice and living this way I knew something was missing in my understanding of health and healing – despite using it for myself and seeing the very best of these worlds being utilised for clients.

I found my way to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (10 ½ years ago) where I began personal sessions and some time later attended workshops and presentations to learn more about the healing arts. From there I began putting into practice the things I heard that made sense to me.

Today I experience NONE of those ailments, NOT ONE OF THEM – EVER. And I take no supplements or potions for anything. That’s pretty amazing! I now have a level of vitality and health that redefines everything I once understood and is the basis upon which all of what I now practise is based. I now work 5 days a week from 7am till 6pm, help run a large health care centre, run development programs in women’s health, need only 6-7 hours of sleep and am frequently told I look 10 years younger than I am. I live with a deep joy and contentment with life that has nothing to do with anything outside of me.

Universal Medicine provided the living examples of what was possible, but never have they preached or ever asked me to believe something or do something because they said so or because they did. I have felt deeply respected and appreciated for who I am and what I do and have been supported at every turn to make my own choices and find out what was true for me. They have displayed a level of integrity, transparency and dedication to what they know is true and how they live their lives that has NEVER ONCE faltered in ten years of my involvement.

And THAT is also pretty amazing!

The most important thing is I know that I got myself to where I am through my own choices and it is only through my continuing choices that I will retain it.

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