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Elaine Butler, Somerset, UK

I have known Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family and the Universal Medicine team for four years and a more loving, dedicated group of people you could not find. When I first met Serge I had a benign tumour which I had been recommended to have removed with surgery but had refused as I didn’t have much confidence in conventional medicine. I felt I could deal with it through alternative healing modalities or spiritual healing and so for some years I tried out various things and despite the claims that were made the tumour was still there. I was reluctantly starting to feel that maybe a conventional surgery was the way I had to go when I met Serge.


Serge is very pro-medicine and it was hearing him talk in favour of conventional medicine and the discussion we had about having surgery that gave me confidence in the medical system, and led me to decide to have the operation. It is a testament to him, as a truly complementary healing practitioner, that he always encourages people to get medical help when needed.

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